Eυρωπαικη Εκπαιδευτική Συνάντηση GAMIAN με θέμα: Προς μια νοητική (ή ψυχική) και νευρολογική Υγεία

GAMIAN-Europe Annual Educational Convention: 22nd-23rd September 2011, Brussels Thon City Centre Hotel

Theme: towards mental and neurological health

There is a need to have a discussion on mental health and the brain. These two are often regarded as separate aspects, but this is not the case; physical aspects impact on social aspects, and vice versa. It is important to bring all these aspects together and to focus on the integrative rather than on the separate parts.
The Gamian board decided to dedicate the 2011 Annual Educational Convention on this topic, bringing all stakeholders together to promote a harmonised discussion.

Choosing Brussels as the venue gives the opportunity to integrate the Autumn session of the MEP interest group on Mental Health, Well Being and the Brain.(Sept 22nd 2011) In cooperation with European Brain Council. 

On the evening of the 22nd September the GAMIAN-Europe Good Practice Award and the GAMIAN-Europe Award will be presented.

Definitive Programme.

Thursday 22nd September: A day at the European Parliament

8:00 to 11:00 registration at the Thon Hotel

11:00: Transfer to European Parliament (by coach)
11:30: security check at the parliament
12:15: Sandwich lunch at the parliament
13:00: Meeting of the Interest group of Members of The European Parliament
Introduction: Anton Grech (Malta)
Mr Kevin McCarthy, Head of Sector Public Health, European Commission, DG Research
Mr Michael Hübel, Head of Unit Health Determinants, European Commission, DG SANCO
Meeting of minds (Tinne Vandensande - King Boudewijnfoundation Belgium)
Mary Baker (president European Brain Council) and Dolores Gauci (president GAMIAN-Europe)

15:00: Transfer from Thon Hotel to European Parliament for those who do not attend the Interest Group
16:00: Guided tour in European Parliament

18:00: Transfer from European Parliament to restaurant
18:30 Reception and award giving ceremony

Friday 23th September:

09:30 to 17:00: Keynote speeches and discussions in conference room Bergen at the Thon Hotel
Morning session (09:30-13:00):
Evolution of the science of the brain. – History of the science of mental health: parallels and divergences - Anton Grech (Malta)

The role of neurology in mental health treatment, diagnosis, and the role of mental health in neurology....
Depression and brain tumours: patients’ perspective - Frank Boeye
Mental Health and Genetics – Maarten Van Den Bossche (University Antwerp Belgium)
MR Scan: imaging of the brain (unipolar and bipolar depression) - Maaike Rive (University Amsterdam Netherlands)

Afternoon session: (14:00-17:30)
 Presentation of Good Practices Award submissions: 
    • Kinapsi Greece,
    • Ups&Downs Belgium
    • Club 13 Lithuania
  • Exchange between Gamian Member associations on their activities during the past year
  • Global and national results on Stigma survey
  • Presentation of Physical and Mental Health Project

20: 00 Gala dinner in the Thon hotel


The latest release of the Newsletter is available on http://www.gamian.eu/newsletters/ge_newsletter41.pdf

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