KINAPSI Annual General Assembly on 15/11/2015

The Mental Health Organization for the Siblings of People with Mental Illness, KINAPSI (www.kinapsi.gr) held its Annual General Assembly on 15/11/2015. The Assembly was attended by 83 members and took place in the PEPSAEE Day Centre, 8, Alkmenous St., Athens (http://www.pepsaee.gr/).

The Assembly was addressed by Mrs. Efi Prokopaki, President of Estia (www.eseepa.gr), which provides support to people with intellectual disabilities, Dr. Georgios Kallergis, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Mr. Panagiotis Diakakis representing Autoekprosopisi (http://autoekprosopisi.gr/), an organization for people with mental illness. All three spoke highly of the activities arranged by KINAPSI during 2015, and expressed the desire for further collaboration, encouraging KINAPSI to aim ever higher. The Annual Report, including the activities of KINAPSI over the last year,  was presented by Mrs. Katerina Aggeli and Mr. Spyros Zorbas.

The new Board of Directors (2015-2017) was elected, and convened on 16/11/2015. The members are as follows:

President                           Evangelos (Akis) Asprogerakas

Vice President                    Panagiotis Chalikeras

General Secretary               ​Spyros Zorbas

Treasurer                           Maria Kokkinaki

Member                             Smaragda Fanouraki

Alternate Members             Grigoris Mpairaktaris

                                         Viki Charlafti

Audit Committee                 Despoina Dimara

                                         Alexandros Litsakis
                                         Katerina Aggeli
            Alternate ​               Fokion Dimitriadis

Awards were presented to volunteers, and also to the organization Volunteer4Greece (http://www.volunteer4greece.gr/) for its role in recruiting volunteers. The lively involvement of participants at the Assembly once again highlights the interest and desire for information and knowledge exhibited by the families of people with mental illness.

We are grateful to the charity Krikos Zois (http://krikoszois.org), and the companies Sklavenitis, Papadopoulou and Chipita for their support, and we would also like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions, leading to the successful completion of the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors

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